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Our locally Oregon made premium worm castings come from African Night Crawlers; a large composting worm that can really tear it up and give fantastic results!! They have a strict veggie and grain diet which helps increase the fungal and overall nutritional content. The local worm farm uses an indoor climate controlled production keeping the temperatures warm and cozy for these guys to go to work. No wonder this is called black gold!!
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Sensi Worm
Sensi Worm

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Worms are a powerful force in the soil. Charles Darwin, who studied them at length argued that every particle of soil has been through a worm at least once!"

Lowenfels and Lewis.

Premium Worm Castings

Worm Castings

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Worms are the mini gardeners that soil is dependent on. They shred organic matter, aerate the soil, and distribute organic matter and micro organisms throughout the soil. They also increase the microbial populations and aid plant root growth.

Vermicastings or worm poop is 50% higher in organic matter than soil that has not moved through worms. This radically changes the composition and effectiveness of the soil for plant growth. This can revive soil that has been depleted of nutrients, the organic matter or humus aids in moisture retention, regulates soil pH by releasing nutrients slowly over several weeks, and helps plants become disease resistant.

Castings are staggeringly high in essential soil nutrients, here are just a few worm poop facts courtesy of Lowenfels and Lewis.

Seven times richer in phosphates, ten times the available potash; five times the nitrogen; three times the usable magnesium; one and a half times higher in calcium.

All these nutrients bind to organic matter in the fecal pellets. Worms can dump 10 - 15 tons of castings per acre, per year!! This increases the availability of nutrients without having to add tons of fertilizers.