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The folks at Dragonfly Farm are dedicated organic farmers who have worked to create the best vital soil environment that nurtures seedlings and gives plants the optimum conditions for growth. Soils and humans need beneficial bacterias, fungi and healing herbs to have ultimate immune response and healthy growth.

Through extensive education, and working practices with mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteriae, organic herbs and medicinal mushrooms, Dragonfly Earth Medicine recognize the necessity of replenishing the earth's soils and it's humans with products that revitalize health. All of DEM products are made with organic ingredients and come from farms and laboratories that are earth conscious.

"We have put a lot of heart and soil into our business and we hope that you will try our products because we know that your health and your garden's health will improve. Bringing in natural healing with nature's plant kingdom, will open your heart and eyes to seeing Mother Nature as the very best mentor." DEM


Products can be purchased in bulk by filling out our wholesale purchase application.

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