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Sensi Sci

Who We Are

The founder of the company, Collin McLauchlin, shares his story of how the company began.

The concept for the company was born out of my own experience of trial and error with the soil products available. I was a frustrated gardener, I could not find the soil blends that gave me exactly what I was looking for. I noticed there were many inconsistencies as I mixed and blended my own amendments with the off the shelf soils available. Even after my own amendments and composting, some were too woody, some too much rock, bugs, root aphids, fungus gnats, etc. This gave me poor results and I knew I could do better. There seemed to be a missing link. I was looking for a ready made soil with high quality sourced products, that would add to the soil web, not detract from it. I wanted to create a product that I could use in my own garden right out of the bag. Using my own soil blend I was having great results, the plants were proof of this and others started to take notice. I received requests for my blend and it kept growing, it simply snowballed from there.

A friend helped me manufacture and bag the soil, we were sourcing locally from the great companies we still use today. Ultimately we wanted to grow a great medicinal cannabis product while being eco-conscious and socially responsible with the business.

Here we are 6 years later, we are a thriving business supporting other local businesses and providing socially responsible soil products that we are truly passionate about!


Dragonfly Earth Medicine - Lush Roots 840

Dragonfly Earth Medicine is a company dedicated to pure organics using herbal alchemical processes to bring healing products to plants and humans.

"It has become our passion here at Dragonfly Farm to create vital soil environments that help each seed that is planted to reach its fullest potential. Soils and humans need beneficial bacterias, fungi and healing herbs to have ultimate immune response and healthy growth."

With 20 years of Organic, Natural Farming/Soil Microbiology experience and another 25 years of traditional herbal studies; DEM garden products are a superfood immune boost for your soils and plants.

DEM Lush Roots - 840 is a natural plant superfood containing a herbal Endomycorrhizae inoculant that encourages ultimate nutrient uptake through expansion of plant root mass and increases plant yields.

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The Mushroom Compost produced by Southern Oregon Bokashi offers the highest quality, locally made microbial inoculants for the Southern Oregon area. Founded in the Applegate Valley in 2010 by Evan Short as a way of fostering the next evolution in organic agricultural practices.

Bokashi Mushroom Compost offers the gardener an amazingly nutrient rich product composed of symbiotic micro-organisms to give the gardener an eco-friendly product that boosts the soil nutrition and dramatically enhances the soil food web of their garden. If you are looking to enrich your soil, optimize plant nutrition to boost your plant growth and become a more environmentally responsible gardener then using fresh wet organic Bokashi Mushroom Compost is a sustainable practice that is worth its weight in gold!

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Worm Farm

This large family run enterprise generates 450 tons of earthworm castings (organic soil amendment) per year. Based in Sandy, Oregon they are OMRI listed (for organic use).

"We feed our worms an organic blend of grains guaranteeing our product quality and consistency month after month, year after year. We have pure castings that have been multi-screened to create a natural growth enhancer for any plant to thrive."

The creation of "black gold' (worm poop) begins with virgin peat that has no clay or sand but is high in organic matter. The African night-crawlers are fed a very rich organic materials. Then nature is left to its own amazing devices and the end product is a super nutrient rich organic product. Due to the diligent harvest and production methods used the pure earthworm castings are free from stones and other foreign materials.

A multi-screening method keeps the castings PURE with useful microbes including fungus eating nematodes and bacteria. Farmer Brown's Earthworm Castings yields exceptional results and gives an eco-friendly solution for farmers and gardeners to grow exceptional products with a natural organic fertilizer. It is 100% safe for people and animals and is non-toxic, odorless, and does not burn.

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Sensi Sci

Team Members

Collin McLauchlin

Collin McLauchlin

OWNER - Founder and CEO

Colin has built the company from the ground up, his hands on approach keeps it real! Colin's passion and enthusiasm for the products ensure the consumer is offered amazingly nutrient rich organic soils and amendments, that provide optimal plant nutrition and support the gardens soil food web.

Dustin Erickson

Dustin Erickson

Operations Manager

Sensi Science is more than just a job for me; it’s a way of life. By sticking to the path of continual progression we take care of our customers by providing a premium product for the best pricing we can offer. In return, our customers have taken good care of us, allowing us to keep a professional clean and positive work environment. Dustin has been with the company for 3 years.

Forrest McLauchlin

Forrest McLauchlin

Lead Maintenance Technician 

I’ve been working at Sensi Science since fall of 2016. My main duties as an employee are: mixing, bagging and servicing equipment. My favorite part about my job is that it is all hands on work and not much office work. It’s cool to see different soil blends come together. Some things I like to do aside from work are: jet skiing and working on trucks.