Brilliant Black

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Organic Alfalfa blended with Micronized Humates and beneficial bacterias. Replenish and restore the food soil web with this amendment for all stages of plant growth.

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Brilliant Black
Brilliant Black
Brilliant Black

Dragonfly Earth Medicine

Creating Alchemy with Nature... Blending the most powerful herbs, mushrooms, mycelium and beneficial microbes to create healing Raw Plant Based products for gardens and humans.

Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

Brilliant Black


Active Ingredients

24% Humic Acid derived from Lignite
20% Organic Alfalfa Leaf (Medicago Sativa)
5% Organic Sugar (Evaporated cane juice sugar)
Bacillus subtilis - 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus pumilus - 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus megaterium - 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus licheniformis - 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens - 7,930,000 CFU per gram 50.9% Inert Ingredients