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Organic Soil Amendments

A complete and functioning soil food web is a thriving community that supports all life in the garden. Consider the old growth forest, no fertilizer required because everything is in balance, interacts with the other and operates in perfection. Whether you are recovering the structure of your soil from the damage caused with years of chemical fertilizers, or you wish to boost your soil and increase the plants growth, our amendments can give you what your soil and plants need to flourish. Lowenfels and Lewis highlight the importance of adding Endomycorrhizae fungi to seeds and vegetables at planting time, or to apply to roots when transplanting. The addition of augmenting soil with the appropriate bacterias and fungi will ensure a plentiful crop and support your own gardens soil food web.

We are pleased to offer you the following organic products which will amend the soil and help create the best soil environment for healthy plants to thrive.


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