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Our indoor facility is a commercial compost and commercial bio waste FREE Facility. We use a sterile mixing environment and have a consistent quality controlled process to ensure a cleaner final product. All materials are properly stored, covered and tested (see lab results.) We noticed the need for a much higher quality soil required for the medicinal cannabis industry and we have designed and tested an impeccable product for clean cannabis production. We also provide the gardener with the highest quality, most natural and consistent soil blends on the market. Our products are free of pests and other problems.

Mixing and Storage Procedure

  • We use properly stored materials, that are covered, kept indoors and mixed on a clean concrete base.
  • We use a consistent pre-blended fertilizer made in small 20 yard batches before introducing to the soil.
  • The soil is blended thoroughly with our clean equipment to ensure greater air capacity.
  • Our 35-45 day minimum composting period can ensure an active soil food web; teeming with microbial life and nutrient retention to create a nurturing environment for plants. *limited to Sensi Soil and Sensi Lite
  • All products are subject to our rigorous quality control testing and meet a high standard with a guaranteed soil analysis.

Sensi Sci

Premium Soils

We take the best raw materials that enhance, strengthen, and cultivate the most nurturing soil web environment for plants to thrive.


We source the finest coco fiber on the planet, found in India. Water is added for natural expansion and since the coco fiber has a low EC/salt content it ensures the most conducive air to water ratios maintaining the integrity of fiber structure.

Worm Castings - Black Gold

These are locally sourced from a family operated farm. The farm has a state of the art indoor climate controlled production facility where the worms (African night crawlers) receive a vegetable and grain diet. This is the Hilton hotel for worms!!


This is locally sourced aggregate with excellent air capacity. Its highly beneficial nature for microbiology makes it an important ingredient for our soils.


Healthy soil teems with life and micro-organisms create the soil food web necessary for a nurturing, living, environment. We use three different organic local sources to get the very best composition in our SENSI SCI soils.

  • → Premium Worm Castings 
  • → Bokashi obtained from Southern Oregon Bokashi.
  • → Lush Roots - 840 from Dragonfly Earth Medicine 

All of these products are also sold individually and can be found under ORGANIC SOIL AMENDMENTS