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Rogue Valley Blend

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Our local blend gives a great gardening experience at an affordable price. High Organic content and great fertilizer package. Includes locally sourced fresh wet Organic Bokashi Mushroom Compost, and our Premium Worm Castings, all gold right there!

Lasts 3-5 weeks without any additional feeding. Affordable, sustainable, great soil!
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Rogue Valley Blend

Customer Review

The Sensi Soil was a great choice for my garden, I added nothing but water to it and had a bumper crop, my heirloom tomatoes were delicious! This is my go to soil for all my plants!.

Christine from Jacksonville OR.

Rogue Valley Blend

Sensi Sci

Rogue Valley Blend Ingredients

COCO 65%
PUMICE 32.5%

Blood Meal, Fish Bone Meal, kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal. Oyster Flour, Humic Acid, Dolomite, Yucca Extract, Bokashi Mushroom Compost, Premium Worm castings.